How To Get Out Of Debt With Law of Attraction (Plus practical tips to ease debt from your life!)

Many of us stress over debt that we have accrued, from large student debts, to mortgages, to credit card and car payments. It seems we are all up to our eyeballs in debt! So how do we get out of this without having to sell an arm and a leg, and our first born children!?


What is Money?

What we all need to realise is that money is energy - currency - current. Like electricity that flows through a battery, money is the physical representation of the energy humans give to tasks. For instance, you work an hour and you receive your ‘wage’. The word ‘wage’ comes from the c. 1300 word "give (something) as surety, deposit as a pledge," from Old North French wagier "to pledge" (Old French gagier, "to pledge, guarantee, promise; bet, wager, pay," Modern French gager.) When we work, we promise to give our time to something, in return for a ‘promissory note’ - a piece of paper, that was originally backed by gold, held in your favour to ‘pay’ whomever, for whatever. In this day and age, we have forgotten what money actually means - it has become this magical entity that is seemingly hard to get ahold of and impossible to keep ahold of, unless you are one of the 1%. These ideas also go with a side order of social conditioning that tells us that rich people are bad people, that spiritual people are poor and that money is the route of all evil. These are some heavy subconscious programmes that keep a lot of us poor and struggling with money all of our lives. Money is just energy. The more energy you can give to something, the more money you can get back. The more service you provide to others, the more current (money) you get back in return.


How to Change Your Vibration With Money?

I like to make money a game. What can I give, to get back. I know that when I spend money it is not just going into the ether, that money is paying for homes, for food in people’s bellies, for roofs over children’s. Instead of resenting the payments we make, we should be grateful! Grateful we can serve others with our time and energy, grateful we have the money to pay (even if we have to borrow it) and grateful that we are moving energy from one place to another, with the knowledge that it WILL come back to us. I use the mantras “Money flows to me like water” and “Money I spend comes back to me 3 fold.” Remember that money is like water - it likes to flow. Don’t be like Smaug and hold onto your gold coins fretfully! This is the energy of fear, lack and poverty. Remember that God and the Universe ALWAYS provides and ALWAYS has your back.

How To Make Debt Relief A Game?

First things first, it’s really important that you know how much you’re in debt for…most people want to deny they are in debt, or ignore the bills they receive, because they are fearful and worried how they will pay it. Let go of those feelings! Get clear on how much you owe, write up all your debts onto a piece of paper - a graph or bar chart would be great for this as you will be able to visually see debts shrinking as you begin to pay them off. Start with your biggest debt and move through to your smallest. Look at the payments required each month and make a commitment to pay this every month - with your smallest debt, when you get in some extra money - which we all do (and once you start using Law of Attraction, these come from all over and much more frequently.) and use this to pay DOUBLE of the smallest minimum payment per month. With every payment, get really excited and appreciative (remember to appreciate something, means to get more of it! So be appreciative of EVERY SINGLE random win, refund, penny found…whatever - the universe is helping you in ways you will allow, so be thankful. NEVER walk past a penny on the ground, PICK IT UP and thank the universe for the wealth it is bestowing upon you. A penny for some people, based on wages, could equate to .25 of a second of life! That might not sound like much, but that .25 seconds could make all the difference somewhere and no one would turn down an extra second of life! So remember MONEY is a representation of TIME SPENT, ENERGY GIVEN and LIFE lived doing something, often for someone else. Don’t be flippant about money, energy or time - LOVE it and it will love you back. Before you know it, the little debt will be paid off! Then take those minimum payments from the little debt and start paying that off for the next one in line! Remember you’re still paying off all your other debts too. You will start to see all the debts coming down and this is the game. Before you know it, you’ll be excited to add in little bits more all over and with each debt paid off, you will have extra income to pay the others. DO NOT use this extra income for anything else until you have paid off all the debts. We all have a lot more money coming in than we often realise, and once you start tracking the little bits, you’ll see they add up to a lot!


More resources to help you:

Debt Consolidation have loads of resources, tool and debt relief programs to help you! -

Dave Ramsey is a great leader in the debt relief world, with strong tips and techniques to get you started too! -

For more of the podcast series or to listen to the meditation collection check out the YouTube channel HERE!

Does food effect your mood?

Watch exclusively, a webinar Laura shot for a group during lockdown!

To Buy or Not to Buy? That is the question...

So lately I’ve had quite a few clients looking at buying a house, which is really exciting! Now the market has been for a little while due to Covid and lockdown - but as things are getting moving again, I thought I would share my thoughts. Now I’m not a property expert, as you well know, so this is just my opinion - but I have included some links for you to check out to help you to make your own mind up, get to know some top tips and some great calculators to help you with your home buying!

So buying a property is a HUGE step and it’s not an easy one! Whether you’re looking for a flat or a house, there are a tonne of things that go into finding the right property - how much can you afford? Is the house in good order? What is stamp duty? How much is a mortgage and what kind of mortgage should I have? Sounds really stressful doesn’t it?

Is now a good time to buy?

I would suggest that we may see an increase of properties on the market over the next few months due to the situation with Covid and this may bring down the prices a little. I’ve seen a huge array of properties for sale around my local area and they seem to be selling really fast! So that looks like a good sign.


Benefits of Renting vs. Buying?

I was talking to a friend recently and he said “our parents' generation is stealing from their kids” - this rang so true for me. I have spent over £100K in rent since I moved out at 19 - this is a huge amount of money and I rue at the fact that I could have had a flat to call my own if someone had helped me with a deposit. The fact that rental costs are up to 4 times the cost of a mortgage and then the bank says “how do I know you can pay?” is ridiculous.

If you’ve rented and paid your rent, you could easily pay a mortgage. The issue is you can’t pay off some old dude’s mortgage on his second or third home, plus the other 50% the greedy bugger is charging AND afford to save for a deposit. This is where most kids go cap in hand to their parents to either live with them so they can save or ask for some help! You’re lucky if your parents help you.

The cost of buying adds up but at least you’re investing in something tangible for your future. I will never see my £100K again - but I know those old people I was renting off of are living comfortably so can I be angry…? (Sarcasm)

We are not going to change the market sadly, so I would suggest, if you can beat them, join them! Do your best to save a deposit and pay off your mortgage as quickly as you can. Buy something within your price limit and pay off extra where you can. If the lockdown has taught us anything, it’s that your salary is not guaranteed and you can be homeless at any time. Consider Income Protection for your salary should anything happen to you, like sickness.

Another thing to consider is that you MUST get buildings and contents insurance. If you can’t afford to replace your home and contents, then for Godsake, get some insurance. If something bad happens and it does happen, you need to have as much protection as you can get.

Don’t allow your new purchase to become an issue! Good luck!


Below are some of the best sites and places I have found to get some help!

Mortgage Calculator UK have some amazing calculators, tables and help for UK specific markets.

Post Office offer advice and insurance at low costs. 

If you got a Help to Buy ISA before they closed the opportunity, see more here!

 Citizen’s Advice give some great help and advice for free too.

How to Beat Depression.

Depression is a debilitating and difficult thing to suffer from, it is by definition a mental health issue that is self-perpetuating and very hard to get out of. Most people who have not suffered depression seem to believe that it is just a case of 'feeling blue', but those who have borne the pain of a life with depression would know that it is more like abject numbness, a loss of energy, a total dismay at all life and a complete inability to be able to motivate yourself to do anything. Depression is a tough subject, when you're in the grips of a relapse any well meaning advice from friends or family can be more than irritating and less than helpful, at the best. Irritability, exhaustion, insomnia and various physical symptoms like aches, nausea and headaches, compile that with anxiety, shame, guilt and self-deprecation, the negative cycle can become overwhelming to the point that one can see no way out. At this stage many people often seek sources of instant gratification to make themselves feel better, such as food, sex, alcohol and drugs, but these flimsy plasters [bandaids] on a gaping wound do little but compound the issue and make the sufferer feel worse in the long run. So what can you do to help yourself when the 'Black Dog' strikes? Well as a sufferer of depression, I have compiled you a tried and tested list of natural remedies, simple actions and processes to see you back on your way to good mental health.



You are what you eat, as the saying goes. I'm going to start with food first and foremost, as I feel it is is one of the most overlooked treatments for depression. When you're suffering with depression it is far too easy to reach for chocolate and comfort food, or worse, call a take away - other people can go the opposite way and give up food entirely. Whether over or under eating, it is the worst thing you can do. Nutrition is a key aid to giving depression the 'heave-ho', certain foods are great to eat to specifically try to ease depression, but the most important thing is to eat a balanced and whole-food based diet. This advice is not to be taken lightly, bad 'food-like products' are a waste of space, nutritionally speaking. They are also full of chemicals that are not healthy. Start by just integrating more vegetables and fresh fruits into your diet, maybe aim to up your 'normal' diet with one extra portion a day, start small and keep making little changes, before you know it, you're clean eating and feeling much better. I will be writing a list of the powerhouse foods for helping depression so keep an eye on Free and Healthy for that!



Exercise is vital for a happy mind. Trust me, I know how hard it is to get up out of bed when the 'black dog' is bearing down on you, but you must, must force yourself up and just get moving, any type of activity will help you. If you are in the grips of depression then just aim to get up and move for 5 mins, if you can get out for a short and fast walk, then do that, if you're suffering from agoraphobia or anxiety, then getting outside can be difficult, try putting on a song that you can't help but move to and just dance your butt off for the entire song. Cleaning can be very cathartic, but be aware of that turning into a coping strategy or becoming obsessive or compulsive.


Getting Outdoors and S.A.D

Nature is a great healer, just getting outside and lying on the grass in the sunshine can be amazing for depression, obviously during the winter in the UK you're unlikely to want to do that, but try and get outside during daylight hours and go for a walk. If you suffer from S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder), a season specific depression which comes on during late Autumn and tends to hang around until Spring, getting outside can be really helpful for easing SAD. S.A.D is caused by a lack of sunlight which can cause depression, it is better to begin treatment before the symptoms occur, using Vitamin D3 can be a great way to help the symptoms and easing seasonal depression. (1) Order the lamp I use here:


B Vitamins

B vitamins are a really important place to start, especially if you're vegetarian or vegan, although B12 deficiency isn't non-meat eater specific. Studies have shown that high doses of Niacin can be as effective in self treatment of depression. Non-Specific depression, a term I use for depression that occurs with no cause, i.e. a bereavement, loss of job, breakdown of a relationship etc. could be caused by something as simple as a B vit. deficiency, or a lack of light (S.A.D) etc. In a world where we are far too often and far too quickly, being prescribed medications like sleeping tablets and antidepressants, I would heartily recommend trying to treat yourself through a holistic approach first. Of course, please use your sense, if you're suicidal and cannot cope, please seek help and advice from your GP, but there is no reason you can't start to incorporate some of these ideas into your life. There is good evidence to support the use of 3g of Niacin on a daily basis to support and aid not only people with depression but also people suffering from arthritis and alcoholism. Niacin is an amino acid that is made from tryptophan, a substance that has long been heralded as having calming effects and aiding sleep. Please be aware that when taking Niacin you can get a 'flush' reaction, this is where you get some tingling and red flushing normally started in the forehead and face area, this is normal, but if it is causing you concern or discomfort you can buy non-flushing Niacin. Doctor Hoffer offers this advice in regards to the side effects of Niacin, "The following factors decrease the intensity of the flush: a cold meal, taking it after a meal, taking aspirin before, using an antihistamine in advance. The following factors make the flush more intense: a hot meal, a hot drink, an empty stomach, chewing the tablets and the rate at which the tablets break down in liquid. "(2) Order B-Vitamins here:-


Herbal Remedies

There are certain herbal remedies that can be very successful in alleviating the symptoms of depression even just 'The Blues'.

- Valerian, Hops, Passion flower: These herbs are great if you suffer from anxiety or insomnia. Taking low doses during the day can curb that fight or flight reaction and at night you can take them to help you to drift into a natural sleep. Order Kalms here: 

- St. John’s Wort (Hypericum Perforatum): This is a yellow flower that you will often find in gardens around the UK, it is a great herb to use in the treatment for depression and anxiety. In blind tests it has been seen to be as effective as some antidepressants and it is a lot safer and with less side effects. (3) Order St. John's Wort here:-


You should not take St. John’s Wort with other antidepressants, please also be aware that it can reduce the effectiveness of some contraceptives, so it is wise to use another method when using St. John’s Wort. St. John’s Wort can also increase the potency of sedatives, so be aware of this and if effected do not drive etc., or discontinue use.


References: 1:



'Fine' is the Thief of Time

"How are you?" he asked, perhaps not truly caring to hear the answer, "Fine" she replied with a smile, nonchalantly. Deep inside, her stomach was turning like a snake was in turmoil deep in her belly, her heart racing and her palms sweaty. She wasn't fine, but as long as she kept saying it, kept convincing herself that 'fine' was enough, 'fine' was ok, 'fine' was better than where she had been before, she would never achieve 'fabulous'.


Why do we do it to ourselves? We keep living each day, convincing ourselves that our lot is enough. That we're happy to settle for just companionship, that we're ok doing a job we hate because it pays the bills, that day in, day out, we live our lives in a minimal state, convincing ourselves that 'fine' is enough. This seemingly innocuous word, 'Fine', is the one thing that consistently robs you of your life, of your adventures, of your chances for true happiness.


How many times have you stuck with a house, a friend, a partner, a job, because it is 'fine for the minute'?


The problem is with the human condition, is we need to be at critical point to want to change anything, this illusion of security, of things being 'fine' holds us in a state of inertia, never getting worse, but rarely getting better. I fear the 'mediocre' is an epidemic; an insidious virus that has spread across the Western world, where because we are luckier than so many, we have hid in our pits, grateful for 'fine', thankful for faux-security, fearing to reach for the stars incase we lose our 'pits' to someone else.


But that's the point, there isn't really any security in life, there is no stability or consistency, there is only change. On a daily basis we get up and repeat the same routines over and over in an attempt to keep the status quo within our lives, to tend to the holes in the fabric of our illusion of security, darning them with lies and ignorance. It gets us no where, but to the grave quicker.


What is it about living that scares us so much?


I feel the answer to that is fear, fear of failing, fear of getting it wrong, fear of being rejected. The issue with the human condition today, is we're living in a very new world, with very old minds. Our bodies and 'monkey brains', the amygdala, the part of your brain responsible for fight/flight reactions and stress responses, have evolved long before the circumstances we are living in; the sincere fear of being thrown out of the clan (certain death as early man), or of making the wrong decision in fight or flight (again, deadly if trying to hunt or fend off a wild animal) are very useful when you're living in a dangerous world, but in reality, regardless of all the recent horror within the news, we in the West live our lives in a very safe bubble. The problem with this is our 'monkey brain' consistently warns us off taking any decision that induces even the smallest amount of fear, or perceived threat to the illusion of security.


There is no real security in life, we're all one natural disaster, or financial collapse away from having absolutely nothing. For instance, when the Deutschmark collapse in Germany, people realised they had been working all their lives for something with no real value. So what is worthy of our time? What will make our lives fabulous? Perhaps anything that gives a shot of adrenalin is a good place to start. Leaving a job you hate - sure it scares the heck out of you, but when you hand your ass of a boss your resignation? Man, you feel good! What about packing up and moving to that place you always wanted to live? Yep, gives me the willies too, but when you get there, crickey, you're like a child again, so much new, so much to see, so many adventures to be had. That relationship that is no longing aiding your growth, but stunting it, shed it all off like an old skin and watch your metamorphosis.


Life is so short, there is so much to see and do, so many you's to become and experience, don't settle for fine, always, always, aim for fabulous.

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