Lau of Attraction 'Sleep Balm'

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A handmade, vegan, all natural sleep balm that helps soothe an anxious mind and a tired body. Apply to pulse points and under the nose for instant calm 🌻 Safe for all ages (please patch test if never used the ingredients on skin before) Aromatherapy Essential Oils have properties which can help emotional, physical and mental states and encourage deep breathing for calmness. SUGGESTED USE Apply a little to temples, forehead, neck, chest, arms or hands & prepare to sleep. It's a very light balm, not greasy, & is easily absorbed - which means a little really does go a long way! Suitable for SENSITIVE SKIN The balm is very gentle to sensitive skin, but however gentle the product, please do patch test prior to use if in any doubt. There are absolutely NO chemical nasties in this product: NO parabens or silicone, NO SLS, NO mineral oils, NO artificial fragrances, NO preservatives, NO synthetic additives, NO alcohol, NO palm oil, NO water & absolutely NO animal testing. It really is stuffed full with 100% natural and has a lengthy 6 months from opening life! RECYCLEABLE The 10g balm is presented in a light weight aluminium screw top tin, which is 100% recyclable after use. The tin is a perfect size to pop into your pocket, your handbag, or to have in your bedside drawer, so it's right there when you need it. Approximate dimensions: 38mm diameter x 18mm height

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