'Nothing Gets on My Wick' Candle Range

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8.00 GBP

'Christmas Spice and Orange' scented (single and double wick) and encrusted with crystals for extra positive energy. The Christmas varieties also include hand-dried flowers in the wax. Each candle is infused with love, positivity and energy for manifesting, meditation and ritual work. (or just for burning...) Each candle is 100% vegan, natural and made from the highest quality ingredients. They are made in small batches, by hand, with all the care and love that we can spare. The tins are reusable and recyclable. Just wash out with warm soapy water. Each candle is around 200g wax weight, but they vary due to the handmade nature. There are absolutely NO chemical nasties in this product: NO parabens or silicone, NO SLS, NO mineral oils, NO artificial fragrances, NO preservatives, NO synthetic additives, NO alcohol, NO palm oil, NO water & absolutely NO animal testing. It really is stuffed full with 100% natural.

Delivery: 3-4 business days
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Postage £1.50 included in the cost. Please let me know which scent you have picked!