Listen to Kaye's Testimony

Laura worked with Kaye to heal her heart. Kaye's life has changed for the better and Laura can't be more proud of her and the work she's put in.

Sofia. P. Cardiff, June 2019

Laura is an exceptionally good listener and observer, in addition to being an expert in reading people's emotions and non-verbal cues. She has an outstanding ability to make you feel supported, encouraged and empowered, all of which are essential components of any therapeutic relationship. Laura was a cornerstone in my personal growth journey, as she finally provided me with the tools that I needed and had long been looking for. She was able to create a safe environment to instill healing and change by validating my experience, accepting it, continuously motivating me and holding me accountable. Her combination of techniques and theories sums up to a powerful method to rapid transformation. I am grateful for having had the privilege to interact with her one on one, our sessions were always deeply meaningful to me. She kept in touch often and was always available, her responses were quick and always kind. I highly recommend Laura as a life coach to anyone committed to personal development.


Michael P. Cardiff, May 2019

Laura is an asset for anyone investing in growth in their life. Great coach highly recommended! She is committed to her clients, thoughtful - but holds to account as well. Highly recommended, highly essential for anyone developing goals and action to facilitate growth. Skilled Life Coach able to recognise needs, establish trust, set goals and hold to account – first class! 


Lee E. Cardiff, May 2019

Laura's fantastic. So far I've been along to three of her monthly seminars/meetups held at the Philharmonic, where a theme is discussed (self confidence, healthy body and mind, relationships etc.). There's an opportunity to learn about yourself and about human nature every time. I've also taken up the option of having one to one life coaching with Laura, in an attempt to identify why I'm not finding fulfillment in specific areas of my life (career, relationships). Through her coaching I'm beginning to identify things about myself that aren't helpful for attaining a more fulfilling life (fear of rejection, lack of self love, anger and resentment towards others) and provides methods that are helping me to become a healthier, happier person. I'm a work in progress but I can feel myself healing more with each day. Thank you Laura!


Carolyn J-W, Cardiff. February 2019

Laura is very insightful and empathic. She created a safe place for the group to interact with each other. I would recommend Laura with no hesitation.

Chadni, India. January 2019

As I conversed with Laura, I felt relieved and peaceful. She listened to me patiently and help me to discover what I want easily. Her quick responses were the the best part. Thanks for helping me out and the way you directed me further in the [follow up] email is what [method] I am following now. She's an angel. Love!

Heidi, Swansea. December 2018

Laura is a person I met at uni and was drawn to. She has helped me through so much of my anxiety and worry that I battle with on a day to day basis. Most recently I needed her help in order to get on a flight (fear of flying) which she made me feel calm and safe, through rationalising the situation for what it really is. This sounds cheesy but her presence makes me feel like everything is going to be ok. Laura is probably the best person I've met in the past couple of years.